BREAKING NEWS: Shaunae Miller and husband Maicel Uibo drown in Canada while fishing

Shaunae Miller and husband Maicel Uibo
Shaunae Miller and husband Maicel Uibo

Celebrity couple, Shaunae Miller and Maicel Uibo have drowned in Canada in what police are calling a “case of misadventure”.

The accident took place at Lake Ontario, Canadian province of Ontario, according to Police statement.

The Bahamas High Commission representative reported to family members that Shaunae Miller and her husband, Maicel Uibo, were fishing on June 4, when Shaunae fell into the water. She was in distress and Maicel jumped into the water to assist her. According to the Embassy, both were pulled from the water but could not be resuscitated.

According to reports, the water was a punishing 35 degrees Fahrenheit at the time, only slightly above freezing.

Family members report no funeral arrangements are set, as officials of Canada and the Bahamas High Commission process the accident.

The couple, Shaunae Miller, 25, and Maicel Uibo, 26, were avid outdoor enthusiasts and according to their Canadian host, they were on a week secret vacation.


The two, both athletes, got married in 2017.

Shaunae Miller was a Bahamian track and field sprinter who competed in the 400 metres and 200 metres. She was the 400 metres Olympic champion in 2016 and was the 200 m gold medallist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. At the World Championships in Athletics she won 400 m silver in 2015 and 200 m bronze in 2017.

Maicel Uibo also was an Estonian decathlete with a decathlon best of 8514. While competing for the University of Georgia, he won the 2014 and 2015 NCAA Decathlon championships.

An average of 289 people drown in Canada each year while recreating in, on or near the water.

Lake Ontario, where the incident took place, is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. It is surrounded on the north, west, and southwest by the Canadian province of Ontario, and on the south and east by the American state of New York, whose water boundaries meet in the middle of the lake.